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Tax Law Firm Halifax

Blois, Nickerson & Bryson LLP provides advice to corporations and individuals on planning and restructuring of their business or personal affairs to minimize tax, utilize tax losses, and/or provide for well-planned estate asset transfer.  Willard Strug, Q.C. has taught tax law at Dalhousie University Law School and is a contributor to numerous tax law publications.


Our Halifax Tax Law team:

  • Willard Strug, Q.C, Partner


Halifax Tax Law Firm


Family Law Halifax

Our Family Law Team understands the emotional turmoil and financial reality many people face in matters of family law. We can assist and guide you through the issues and the process of your unique family law situation.

Family law matters most often arise upon the breakdown of a family or when spouses decide to separate. However, family matters can also happen at other significant life events, such as moving in with a romantic/conjugal partner, getting married, or adding a new child to your family.

What we do

We provide advice on a broad range of family law issues including:

  • Children, parenting & custody
  • Finances, income and child/spousal support
  • Property, assets & debts division
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Common-law spouse/ partner, same sex couples, cohabitation
  • Cross-border court proceedings, jurisdiction issues
  • Enforcement of court orders or agreements
  • Changes to or variation of court orders or agreements
  • Grandparent access
  • Adoption, fertility & assisted-reproduction
  • Collaborative family law, mediation, arbitration
  • Agreements & contracts for married, non-married, common-law and separated couples
  • Child protection
  • and more.


Family team:

  • Gordon R. Kelly, Partner
  • Michelle Axworthy (formerly Michelle Rogers), Associate
  • Kaitlin Gauvin, Associate


Halifax Family Law